In all three rescue disciplines, the robots must master a course or a labyrinth with obstacles and recognize and rescue "victims".

In the Rescue Line discipline, the course is marked with a black line that leads over several ascending and descending ramps. Obstacles force the robot to leave the course and find it again. The end of the course leads into a room in which several victims (metallic and black balls) must be recognized and recovered.

In the Rescue Maze discipline the course is a labyrinth with several rooms. The rooms are connected by ramps. An additional difficulty are obstacles on the course, which must be cleverly bypassed by the robots. The victims are heating elements on the walls of the labyrinth. They are distributed throughout the labyrinth and must be detected with thermal sensors or cameras.

In the Rescue Simulation discipline, simulated robots compete against each other in a virtual environment.

In addition to the established leagues, competitions will be offered for the first time in the two entry-level leagues Rescue Line Entry and Rescue Maze Entry.