Who can participate in the RoboCup Junior Euro 2019?

The RoboCup Junior European Championship is open to European RoboCup Junior Teams. Teams have to qualify in regional RoboCup Junior competitions in each country. In these competitions, both - the participants for the World Championship and for the European Championship - will be selected. Only those teams that qualify in this way can take part in the European Championship.

Which rules apply to the competitions?

References to the rules used can be found on the rules page.

Are there age restrictions?

The minimum age in all leagues is 10 years. The maximum age in all leagues is 19 years old (as of July 1, 2019) except Rescue LIne Entry, in which the age may be a maximum of 14 years.

How do I register my team?

Many European countries have a RoboCup Junior Representative representing the teams of one country. The RoboCup Junior Representative is the main contact for the teams on questions of participation in the European Championship. He or she registers qualified RoboCup Junior teams for the European Championship.

The European RoboCup Junior Representatives are listed in the following table.

Austria Sabrina Rubenzer Send E-Mail
Belgium Joachim Mathieu Send E-Mail
Croatia Ivica Kolaric Send E-Mail
Finland Markku Tukiainen Send E-Mail
France Stéphane Brunel Send E-Mail
Germany Joachim Selke Send E-Mail
Hungary Agnes Simon Send E-Mail
Italy Raimondo Sgrò Send E-Mail
Netherlands Martin Klomp Send E-Mail
Norway Pavel Petrovic Send E-Mail
Portugal Rui Baptista Send E-Mail
Russia Evgeny Shandarov Send E-Mail
Slovak Republic Miro Kohut Send E-Mail
Slovenia Suzana Uran Send E-Mail
Spain Eduardo Gallego Send E-Mail
Sweden Fredrik Löfgren Send E-Mail
Switzerland Benedikt Koeppel Send E-Mail
Turkey Evren Olcay Send E-Mail
UK Pat Hughes Send E-Mail

How do I register my team if my country is not in the list?

If you country is not in the list above, it does not have a RoboCup Junior Regional Representative. If you intend to participate with your RoboCup Junior team, please contact the organizers of the RoboCup Junior EURO 2019 directly with your participation request using info@rcj2019.eu.

What are the participation fees?

RoboCupJunior Team 100 EUR
RoboCupJunior Team Member 50 EUR
RoboCupJunior Team Advisor 50 EUR

As an example, a team with two members and an advisor has to pay 250 EUR.

Schedule, preliminary

Thursday, 20th june
10 - 17h > Accreditation counter open, pick up tournament documents

Friday, 21st june
10 h > Official opening RoboCup Junior Euro 2019
11h > tournament start

Saturday, 22nd june
9h > tournament start

Sunday, 23rd june
9h > tournament start
15h > award ceremonies
16h > Official closing event IdeenExpo 2019

How can I book accomodation?

As a world-famous trade fair city, Hanover has very high hotel capacities. The participating teams are therefore responsible for selecting and booking their own overnight stays from the wide range on offer. We recommend booking your accommodation as early as possible.